John Kanter

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John Kanter

Senior Wildlife Biologist

With over 30 years of experience, John Kanter, CWB®, works to ensure that National Wildlife Federation programs reflect the best available science and latest practices in wildlife biology and management. Prior to joining NWF in 2017, John worked for 25 years at New Hampshire Fish and Game Department where he developed the state’s nongame and endangered wildlife section, growing it from a one-person program to a team of 10 biologists. By applying sound science and establishing effective public-private partnerships, his team restored populations of the Karner blue butterfly, roseate tern, Blanding’s turtle, New England cottontail and other at-risk species. As past chair and member of the NEAFWA Wildlife Diversity Technical Committee, John was instrumental in establishing the Northeast Regional Conservation Needs program and launching several multi-state conservation efforts aimed at preventing species from needing federal listing.

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