Tara Losoff

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Tara Losoff

Associate Vice President, Organizing and Campaigns

Senior Advisor, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

Tara Losoff leads NWF’s Campaigns Team, committed to achieving just, equitable, and lasting policies that conserve, restore, and improve the resilience of America's wildlife and communities by strengthening civic and political influence, mobilizing grassroots and grasstops actions in the field and online, developing strategic campaign plans and tactics, enhancing organizing competencies through skills trainings and innovation, and cultivating relationships with activists and partners through consistent and intersectional organizing. She is also a senior advisor for the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund.

Tara has two decades of experience in strategic campaign planning, field organizing, project leadership, and community engagement and outreach. She has led multidisciplinary teams to advance federal policies around sustainable fisheries, agriculture, clean energy, public lands, international biodiversity conservation, and public health with The Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Environmental Trust, and she has consulted for numerous NGOs and political firms building and managing coalition campaigns, fundraising drives, and canvass operations for winning ballot initiatives, congressional races, and corporate campaigns.

Some victories she has contributed to include getting a winning healthcare worker measure on the Florida ballot, flipping a congressional seat in New York, raising awareness and millions of dollars around childhood hunger, election reform, and LGBTQIA+ rights, encouraging major retailers to eliminate dangerous chemicals from supply chains, winning and implementing federal provisions to end overfishing, establishing the first marine national monument in the Atlantic, and passing the largest climate change investment legislation in U.S. history.

Tara holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts and Media. She has lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Texas, New York, and Washington DC and currently lives with her husband and seven-year old daughter in Silver Spring, Maryland. She enjoys travel, live music, yoga, food, hiking, improv, and voice acting.

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